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My pronouns are she/her, and my prénom (first name) rhymes with papaya: Sophia. I don't love the taste

of papaya, but I like the color. I'm a former college basketball coach, educational recruiter, and

high school French teacher with a recent PhD in Curriculum Studies from DePaul. My dissertation research illuminated identities and experiences of transgender and nonbinary athletes. I also developed an inclusive curriculum framework that empowers students to discover themselves and the impact they can have on the world. Building academic, athletic, and inclu-personal* capacities in learners of all ages is my passion.

*inclu-personal: relating to impactful practices that embrace diversity, nurture self-discovery,

disrupt systems of oppression, and create empathetic global citizens


I'm reading your dissertation--and it is SOOOO good!!! You are amazing. Not to mention very generous in having used my words with great care and thoughtfulness in the larger argument. You are a careful thinker and reader and I think what you have done is an enormous contribution. It's so beautiful as is, and yet I also found myself wondering if this form of the dissertation were its only life. Have you tried to publish portions of it anywhere else? So that people can have further access to your hard-earned wisdom?

Dissertation study participant