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Communication, Feedback, Motivation

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It’s like we are on a tandem bike with an independent pedaling system.

In tandem-speak, you are the captain, and I am the stoker behind you. As you steer and pedal, I push

you forward on rough terrain and uphill climbs... and then ease up when the going is smoother.  

I stoke personal transformation, meeting people at Point A and helping them navigate to Point B

and beyond. How? By observing, listening, and giving extensive personalized feedback.

Supporting education doctoral students at all stages is my super power, but meeting folks

earlier in their academic journeys is also exciting for me. And I'm always game

to get outside and ride—or play—to balance out the academic work!


I was very stressed as I put the final touches on my dissertation. Sophia came to the rescue! She made invaluable suggestions as I prepared and practiced my dissertation defense! Sophia is also a master at navigating formatting glitches. Quite frankly, I don’t think I could have finished my dissertation without Sophia’s assistance!

Rhonda Stern, Ph.D.

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