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About Me

My pronouns are she/her, and my prénom rhymes with papaya: Sophia. I don't love the taste of papaya, but I like the color. I'm a former college basketball coach, educational recruiter, and

high school teacher with a BA in French from Dartmouth, a Master's from Harvard's Graduate School of Education, and a recent PhD in Curriculum Studies from DePaul. My dissertation research illuminated experiences of transgender and nonbinary athletes; it was approved 

without revisions. I also developed an inclusive curriculum framework that empowers students

to discover themselves and the impact they can have on the world. Building academic,

athletic, and inclu-personal* capacities in learners of all ages is my passion.


*Yes, I invented this word: "inclu-personal" describes impactful practices

that embrace diversity, nurture self-discovery,

disrupt systems of oppression, and create empathetic global citizens

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